Sunset Swimwear

White Hot Bikini

White Hot! As seen on the Curly Girls of the IFBB shot by JM Mannion 🀍 

If you’d like the bottoms to look how it looks on the models please select the non adjustable version.Β 

The perfect posing practice bikini, made in the same cuts as your stage suit for consistent check in photos and progress pictures.

(Also doubles as a super cute poolside bikini πŸ‘™)

Optional adjustable bottoms

Optional padding

Water safe πŸ’§πŸ‘™

Hand wash and hang dry only! πŸ’—


Contact Allison with any questions at 510-368-1251 for a quick reply πŸ“²Β 

Thank you!Β 


Measure around the hips, high at the hip bones